EcoMed enables
healthcare providers
to implement and manage
decommission of end-of-use medical devices.

Decommission of
end-of-use medical devices must be standardized,
measurable and
visible at all levels of

It's time to transform
end-of-use medical devices
decommission practices.

“Transforming Medical Equipment Decommission Process”

EcoMed, HTM LLC. is a consulting company that delivers solutions for decommission, redeployment and sale of end-of-use medical devices.

We work with healthcare providers to implement and manage an on-site medical device decommission program. This program centralizes and standardizes the process of retiring and selling medical devices no longer needed within the healthcare system.

There are many options for decommission of end-of-use medical assets but the same method does not work for all devices. In order to achieve desired financial outcomes, improve staff productivity and attain transparency an accountable process must be implemented.

Utilizing value-based practices, we manage decommission of end-of-use medical devices by providing

  • Existing process assessment and recommendations
  • Decommission program management
  • Collaboration with Corporate office and Departments
  • Technical and administrative resources
  • Internal redeployment and outside sale management
  • Global database of vendors who purchase end-of-use medical devices
  • Metrics, benchmarks and financial analysis
  • Fixed medical systems de-installation services
  • Global transportation management
  • Risk and liability protection
  • Transparency and cost reduction
  • EcoMed ensures all fixed and non-fixed medical devices are decommissioned safely, equitably and socially responsible.

    Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your existing medical equipment decommission process or to learn more about our services.

    EcoMed Healthcare Technology Management, LLC is a contracted service provider of Premier Purchasing Partners, L.P., the group purchasing unit of Premier Inc.

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