About Us

EcoMed, HTM LLC is a woman-owned consulting company, found and operated by Era Rubalsky. Era was a member of a hospital supply chain, responsible for finance and operations management. In her position, Era analyzed purchasing and service contracts, conducted medical equipment utilization studies and managed maintenance of medical devices.

Era recognized there was a huge disparity between prices paid for new devices versus their trade-in value. This problem was compounded by hospital departments making independent decisions related to equipment trade-in and outside sales. Era designed a proposal to combat this problem which was approved by the hospital administration and a system-wide program for redistribution and resale of end-of-use medical devices was implemented.

In its first operating year, the program redistributed $120,000 in medical equipment and furniture internally across the hospital system, collected approximately $200,000 in profit through resale of end-of-use medical assets, established benchmark selling prices, created standards and conformity, improved purchasing vendors diversification and lowered FTE time spent on non-clinical and non-patient revenue generating activity.

Several years later, Era found EcoMed with a goal to help healthcare providers properly and equitably decommission end-of-use medical devices. EcoMed's program targets specific challenges experienced by most healthcare providers while managing end-of-use medical devices. It creates a standardized process and utilizes multiple strategies to either redeploy internally or sell end-of-use medical devices on the secondary market.

Combining unique experiences of operating a decommission program in both, a healthcare environment and outside marketplace, Era and her team bring invaluable experience and insight on how to properly decommission end-of-use medical devices. Era’s vision is to transform end-of-use medical device decommission process, enact transparency via Blockchain, create accountability and deliver value to all stakeholders.

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EcoMed Healthcare Technology Management, LLC is a contracted service provider of Premier Purchasing Partners, L.P., the group purchasing unit of Premier Inc.