How We Do It

EcoMed HTM, LLC operates as a liaison between Purchasing, Facilities Management, Biomedical Engineering, Patient Care Departments and external entities which may include outpatient clinics, medical groups and emergency care centers.

All identified end-of-use medical devices are referenced against planned and unplanned purchase requests. Equipment that meets technical conformity and stakeholder approval is redeployed internally. This practice stretches the capital dollar and helps meet cost avoidance targets.

Medical devices that don't satisfy redeployment criteria are sold on the secondary market. Recommended selling strategy and method are based on device type, age, condition, quantity and technical complexity. Selling method may consist of

  • Internet sales
  • Internet auctions
  • Direct vendor sales
  • Physical site sales
  • Recycling
  • Donation
  • Selected selling method is supported by historic data that provides the most financial, social and environmental advantages.

    End-of-use medical device decommission process incorporates:

    • Technical and physical evaluation
    • Redistribution notifications & logistics
    • Equipment ownership verification
    • Eradication of ePHI
    • Market demand and price analysis
    • Domestic and international vendor management
    • International sale processing
    • OEM and FDA ownership transfer filing
    • EPA and OSHA regulations compliance
    • Transportation management
    • Storage, crating and palletizing
    • Metrics, benchmarks and reporting

    EcoMed Healthcare Technology Management, LLC is a contracted service provider of Premier Purchasing Partners, L.P., the group purchasing unit of Premier Inc.