What We Do

EcoMed, HTM LLC works with healthcare providers to identify and centralize decommission of all end-of-use medical devices.

Centralization enables to capture true cost of equipment ownership and provides visibility of all devices available for internal redeployment, outside sales, recycling and donation.

Additional benefits of a centralized process include:

  • Reduction in number of devices sold and unaccounted for at a Department level
  • Selling devices that can still be utilized in other areas
  • Recycling devices that should be sold
  • Standardizing selling prices for similar devices
  • Internal redistribution of medical devices reduces costs, lowers unbudgeted expenses and stretches the value of capital dollar.

    Centralized outside sale of end-of-use medical devices leads to transparency and efficiency. This creates consistency and standards in selling prices and practices. It enables to establish annual sales goal and leverage negotiations for decommission of all assets including fixed medical systems.

    Centralized process consists of:

    • Stakeholder education and training
    • Inventory of existing retired medical devices
    • Identification and planning for “soon to be” retired medical devices
    • Consolidation and project management for de-installation projects
    • Establishing annual sales goal
    • Internal redeployment process management
    • Outside sales process management
    • Recycling and donation process management
    • Logistics consolidation
    • Metrics, benchmarks and reporting

    EcoMed Healthcare Technology Management, LLC is a contracted service provider of Premier Purchasing Partners, L.P., the group purchasing unit of Premier Inc.