Transportation Support & Solutions

Since medical equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, we partner with logistics providers that have a proven track record of transporting sensitive and heavy shipments all over the globe.

Similarly to selecting an appropriate decommission method, we choose transportation companies based on their rates, expediency, flexibility and capability to deliver diverse range of products.

Our transportation portfolio includes air, ocean and freight carriers that have safely delivered boxes, pallets, crates and containers all over US, Canada, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Costa Rico, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Iran, India, Pakistan, Africa, United Kingdom, Croatia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Moldova.

Ability to provide global logistics attracts an international medical community comprised of dealers, refurbishing companies, resellers, health care providers, academic organizations and missionaries seeking to bring affordable medical equipment into their countries.

This service distinguishes EcoMed and enables us to organically grow our network of international customers.