why choose us?

What sets EcoMed apart is our standardized decommission program that is designed to

  • Maximize use of medical devices internally within the healthcare provider’s system
  • Manage outside sales process for end-of-use medical devices
  • Utilize multiple selling platforms for outside sales of end-of-use medical devices
  • Provide unbiased recommendations on how to best decommission end-of-use medical devices
  • Manage all steps involved in the decommission process
  • We achieve these targets by centralizing and properly classifying end-of-use medical devices. This process results in efficient internal redeployoment, appropriate outside sales channel, recycling that meets environmental standards and finally, donation of working equipment.

    Centralization offers an unobstructed view of all available end-of-use medical devices. It also enables to establish an annual sales goal, cost-avoidance goal and negotiation leverage. These financial targets are pivotal for accurate revenue forecasting and budget management.

    Additionally, our program incorporates:

  • De-installations of fixed medical systems
  • Market data to support decommission method recommendations
  • Metrics and average prices paid for used medical devices by different market segments
  • Equipment ownership and technical verifications
  • Domestic and international databases of vendors seeking to purchase used medical devices that include dealers, refurbishing companies, resellers, healthcare providers, academic organizations and missionaries
  • Vendor relationship management
  • Marketing, advertising and selling resources
  • Recycling and donation management
  • Domestic and international logistics management
  • Utilization of Blockchain technology
  • Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your existing medical equipment decommission process or to learn more about our services.

    EcoMed Healthcare Technology Management, LLC is a contracted service provider of Premier Purchasing Partners, L.P., the group purchasing unit of Premier Inc.